All About Sasara Kusugawa

Hello world! From Sasara Kusugawa Dollfie Dream

Genki desu ka?  My name is Sasara Kusugawa Dollfie Dream and I came from the To Heart 2 universe.  I am the 8th daughter in my Papa Wolfheinrich’s family of Dollfie Dream daughters and you can read about my story in the ToHeart 2 X-rated story summary Papa wrote before he adopted me..  Papa loves me very much and he has also told me that the since we want to build a World full of Dollfie Dream, I will have to go out and assist my sister DD Saber Lily to spread as much Dollfie Dream love as possible.  You can find out more about Dollfie Dream or get in touch with me via my my Papa’s blog domain, tumblr and deviantART, and you may also contact my sister Saber Lily Dollfie via her twitter and her Flickr Stream.

Dollfie Dream DD Kusugawa Sasara Peach Pai Temptation II


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